Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Format, New Decks

With the current format coming to a close, it's time to test some new decks for the new format, especially with another regional coming up on March 5th.

Deck of current format:

1. Fish OTK
2. Blackwing
3. Gravekeeper
4. Machina

And now my ideas for the new format...

1. Vanity Gadgets 2.0 or Machina
2. Diva-Spy
3. Level Monarchs (at last, I have the tools to make it)
4. Anti-Meta Blackwings

Perhaps Fish might come back for the Regional due to it being my signature deck, but it all depends. But for now, those decks are my choices.


  1. IMO, fish are the most balanced otk deck now. it is a good choice.
    can you make a fish otk, maining 3 dimenssional fissure?
    if it works, your opp. wont drop effect veiler.

  2. Do Fish OTK decks have a method of searching out (and summoning) it's primary component, Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth?

  3. I tried rebuilding my Level Eater Monarchs for the new format as well. Formula Synchron is an absolute BEAST in the deck. ^_^


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