Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tournament Report: Wizard Locals 2/5

Well, we couldn't have a Sneak Preview event due to the shipment being unable to arrive on time...cursed blizzards. But oh well, at least we managed to have another tournament.

This week I took my Gravekeepers

Round 1: vs Blackwing

My opponent expected me to bring back my Fish from last week's Top 4 round. But surprise, surprise! Game 1 I maintained early control with Valley and Rai-Oh, while allowing Descendant to clear backrow and Royal Tribute eliminating my Kalut worries. Game 2 pretty much went the same.


Round 2: vs Worms

Now this was a real treat for me, since it was my first time facing the deck. Offering to the Snake Deity kept slowing me down in both games, but ultimately Necrovalley and Recruiter helped me achieve game by controlling the Yagan/Xex combo to eliminate his field presence.


Round 3: vs Infernity

Oh dear, against my teammate and one of my best friends...AGAIN!!!! He eliminated my Fish last week and he did so this week too. Game 1 I maintained control, but a lucky Trunade allowed him to OTK. Game 2 was just shameful for me, horrible hand. But oh well, perhaps next week I can finally beat him. Beat him in casuals, but in tourneys he's freakin Yusei.


Round 4: vs Lightsworn

And if I face one of my best friends in one round, I'm bound to run into the other not too far off. Game 1 was won due to him taking advantage of my Tribute plays and followed with a quick JD after being searched by Sarcophagus. Game 2 I managed to control him the entire game, so he didn't have a chance to summon JD since it went away with Tribute. Game 3 pretty much went like game 1, but losing most of my control to Royal Decree.


Overall it was a pretty good tourney. Ended up 4th again, so I felt pretty satisfied with the results. Next week it's time for Blackwings to get some action, perhaps they might take me to 3rd place and above!

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