Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tournament Report: Wizard Locals 2/26

End of the format locals, oh it's on. I was struggling with which deck would go. I had Fish, Blackwings, and Gravekeepers all ready to go. My Blackwings were losing 3 Kalut, Goyo and 1 Book, Fish losing a Book, Goyo and Cold Wave, while my Keepers just lost 1 Book and 1 Tribute.

Decided with my keepers in the last second.

Round 1: vs Karakuri

Tough match indeed. It was a battle for who was going to keep using the respective field spells. All in all, forgetting to side deck System Down and bad draws led to my first defeat of the day.


Round 2: vs Samurai

First duel my friend got a bad hand, so it kinda sucked. Duel 2 I managed to gain control with Gozen Match (main deck) to pick up a quick win.


Round 3: vs Geartown

Another duel where control for the field spell was going to be crucial. However, this time I had the upper hand with Rai-Oh and a few other cards, as well as Royal Tribute sending the main Ancient Gears to the graveyard so Geartown couldn't get them.


Round 4: vs Chaos Stun

Very slow duel. We both had dead hands during most of the match, so it was kinda slow. We had a good laugh at our misfortunes on this matter, but overall, I managed to pick up the win thanks to Recruiter saving my ass in the last 2 duels.


In the end, I came up 5th for the second time. Noticing I'm mostly placing between 4th and 5th consistently each week. On another positive note, the Karakuri that beat me in round 1 is now under my possession...yeah! So it's time to test Karakuri Machina.

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