Saturday, October 22, 2011


Out of all my previous YGO decks, the one I have probably least discussed is Blackwings. I have already discussed my Fish and Gadget decks so many times, it feels like my Blackwing deck is finally getting some needed attention. Not just that, but it's been boosted up to my main deck, so I'm going all out with it.

First thing you notice are the lack of Dualities and the presence of Upstart Goblin. Why is this? First off, it's the IRL deck. Secondly, I'm not willing to spend 30-45 dollars in just 3 copies of Duality. I will find them via trades if needed.

Secondly, it seems pretty much standard, with a few tweaks. Dark Eruption is pretty fun, since I can control my graveyard count for DAD or recycle a Blizzard with it. Kochi is also there, but mostly as either an instant Xyz with Shura or a Mind Control play into a Synchro.

But something tells me I should be running more traps and maybe one less MST. Will probably post the fixes later, as I think I might have messed up the list from my original deck...not sure yet.

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