Friday, October 14, 2011

Tezzeret's Gambit

While it's a late Friday post, it's still good for another MTG post. While I did not attend any FNM events today, I did test out my new vampire deck and I gotta say, I'm impressed. But tonight's post isn't about the deck, but rather a nifty weapon that any Innistrad-themed deck can take full advantage of. Tezzeret's Gambit will allow you to draw 2 and then proliferate at a cost any deck can pay, even if you don't play Blue.

Innistrad decks have cards that focus on counters. While not the centerpiece of many decks, there are still those that can benefit from a little proliferation.

Humans can benefit from proliferation for one of their main cards, Champion of the Parish, who gets a buff after playing human spells. They can also get a buff from Elder of Cathar's counter boost when it dies.

Enough said, most Vampires from Innistrad focus on getting counters on themselves when inflicting damage. This one seems like a good option for the deck if you can get your hands on a few copies. Combine your vampires with all counter-increasing methods, and you got yourself a fierce battlefield.

Wanna make your awesome Zombie survive longer? Well, now there's a way you can! Tezzeret's Gambit can keep this ace alive for longer, and buff it in the process.

Impatient when it comes to transforming this beast? Well, this makes waiting a little bit more bearable. However, it's still a tough feat, but not impossible. 

So as you can see, there are ways that a little proliferation can go a long way for Innistrad decks. Just a little fun idea I wanted to share with you guys tonight. More MTG ideas soon...

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