Sunday, October 23, 2011

Top 32 at YCS Columbus

So let's see...

We had 20 "Synchro Summon" Plant decks, 6 Agent Decks, along with Gladiator Beasts, Karakuri, Chaos, Tech Genus, Gemini, and Machina Gadgets representing with 1 deck of each.

When I see the high number of "Synchro Summon" Plants in this tourney, only one thing comes to mind...

Really? Is this what the game has become? At first I was surprised when Agents dominated the previous YCS, but comes the horde of "Synchro Summon" decks. This is reminding me a bit of how the old Tele-DAD days used to be, but it's not as bad as before. At least we still have other decks trying to reach the top.

But still, it's not looking all that good for the competitive environment in YGO. There's no longer any thrill of the casual environment, for example. At least in casual, you come across all kinds of decks (regardless if good or bad) that can bring up a good challenge.

In reality, the casual aspect is what keeps me going in this game. From what I can garner in this list, it seems to be a format where 1-2 decks dominate and the others try to top. I miss the format where the Top 32 was quite diverse, even if many didn't like it.

Oh well, that's just my mini-rant, I suppose...

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