Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miracle Blastfan

Back with another YGO deck this week. This time, it's a deck made by a friend of mine that was so bizarre but functional, that I had to feature it here. While there's no official name for the deck, I have begun calling it "Miracle Blastfan."

Why such a name, you ask?

Bring me Birdman at once!
Then I will explain. The deck focuses on special summoning Genex Blastfan constantly as a means to not only gain access to Genex Ally Birdman, but also set up the field for Synchro/Xyz plays. With a wide array of monsters meant to special summon Blastfan, you will be able to get a big monster quite early, and thin your deck in the process.

However, do be careful with Blastfan, as it can miss the timing. However, this deck makes sure the effect will have the highest probability of the deck searching.

Unorthodox deck, but it works!

The deck is meant to just search itself out always for a quick spam, but also notice the Miracle Synchro Fusions in the deck, which specifies the other part of the name "Miracle Blastfan." Since there's a wide array of spellcasters (Blastfan, Monk, and the Gravekeepers), the deck's main bosses are both Arcanite Magician and the Supreme Trainer. And with a good mix of monsters, BLS is also able to fit in quite well. 

Quite a strange deck indeed, but it's quite fun to play with. 

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