Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vanity Gadgets: The Tengu Wars

With my previous Plant match ending badly, as well as the new TCG rulings for Xyz monsters, I have been struggling with the thought of remaking a specific deck and using Tengu to support it.

However, it's the one deck that was my most fun creation and most successful one in tourneys. But I struggled against using Tengu for a while, until I gave in and decided to use it in the deck. The name "Tengu Wars" comes from the time this format sees itself, since all decks that battle all have Tengu in them. And since "Vanity Gadgets" was the creation many know me for, it marks a new chapter in the "VG" saga.

A while back I said I was working on an upgrade for the deck, but it was eventually turned into Gravekeeper's.

So here it is, the new chapter of Vanity Gadgets, "The Tengu Wars"

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