Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Playing Against Tengu Plants...

Or as it's being called now, "Synchro Monsters." Only deck that did a considerable damage against it was Fish.

I mean, this deck was way too fast. While we don't have Quasar yet, I did know what it's like to see the field get prepared for one (even without Librarian). The deck is way too insane.

Tengu was the main problem there, since it allowed 2 synchros and a Caius in 1 turn...

My Crusher Control deck was obliterated, my Machina Gadgets were overpowered, and my Fish, while they did manage to OTK once, were also vulnerable.

Wondering what the deck is going to be like post-September...

On other notes, I'm gonna be experimenting with a few more decks once again:
-Focusing on completing my "What the f!sh" deck
-Remaking my Machina deck
-Going to give my Blackwing deck some love and use it...

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