Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ajani Vengeant

The MTG posts are back! Not just that, I'm finally making my way back into this game, even though my decks have to start from scratch due to accidentally sending them in a moving process. However, I'm going to start by talking about my favorite planeswalker, Ajani Vengeant.

Why Ajani? Well, it suits my playstyle the best. In MTG, I find myself being an aggro player who tends to lean towards weenie builds or swarm decks. However, Ajani was the first planeswalker I ever used in my old Naya deck, my favorite aggro deck.

Not just that, but Ajani is coming back in a duel deck, so I figured I would talk a bit about him...just so I could get back into the MTG feeling...

Ajani helped bring control to those aggro decks by either tapping a creature that could be dangerous (allowing you to attack freely), or inflicting damage to a strong creature so it will be destroyed by the effect itself or by blocking your attacks.

How does this tie into anything new, you ask? Well, if you find yourself making a weenie aggro deck, chances are it's a mix of any of Naya's colors (unless you're using Goblins, since some can be Black/Red). If you are using any WR weenie deck especially, Ajani can prove to be a worthy ally.

I think that finally got me into the mood, perhaps more posts on newer MTG stuff soon...

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