Monday, August 1, 2011

Generation Force: Sneak Preview

Well, looks like there's too many rarity bumps in this set to ever think I'm going to walk out with everything I want.

At first, my want list looked like this:

-All Xyz monsters
-Gagaga Magician
-Orient Dragon
-Pain Painter
-Wonder Wand
-Any HERO stuff I can get
-Absolute Crusader
-The Wind-Up cards
-The Banishing Fish/Sea-Serpent/Aqua deck
-Gear Gearano
-Blue-Blooded Oni

But once the rarity bumps were seen, my list is starting to change to what I hope to get...

-Leviathan Dragon (2 perhaps?)
-Any Xyz I can find, even if it has to be Aero Shark
-Levial/Roach by some miracle
-Gagaga Magician
-Any HERO stuff I can still get, hopefully Vapor and Mask Change
-Wind-Up cards
-Banish deck
-Commons I could find useful

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