Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preparing for September

Well, the banlist pretty much took my Fish deck and threw it into a desert, made my Gravekeeper's lose their control aspect, gave my anti-meta deck a reason to stop right in it's tracks. However, it made my Blackwings happy. So I ended up with 1/4th of a benefit.

But with a new format come new decks, and those that are adjusted to the new format accordingly.

Trying to see if MachinaTown can work now, since Heavy + Geartown = Maximum lulz

I know Frog Monarchs aren't an option with Formula banned, but I might work them in their old control style with Vanity's Fiend and the like, perhaps adding a few cards to update it as my anti-meta build.

Thinking of switching over my Keepers from a control build to a more aggro style with a bigger focus on swarm, and perhaps Xyz/Synchro summoning.

I'm also thinking of remaking my newly remade (kinda redundant) Vanity Gadgets, since it's not the first time the deck faced Storm.

Also interested in trying Flamvell...but not sure yet.

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  1. imagine the tipical field of Gk with 2 backrow (starlight road and something else) and necrovalley. If your opponent have MST, Heavy and some random cards blocked by necrovalley (like reborn). Two things can happen, Your opponent can try to find starlight road with mst, or destroy necrovalley with MST and try to play without using heavy.

    A lot of things can happen in this new format, but wasting MST to look for starlight road isn't one of those things. I just don't see it like a good move. Even worst if you consider that everybody will use more chainable trap cards.

    Btw, you should try flamvell, also laval monster will come in the next hidden arsenal...


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