Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Meant to post yesterday, but the hurricane really set those plans back. So perhaps I should post the bullet points I wanted to get across yesterday.

I have a feeling that the "Storm + 3 MST" format might have been blown right out of proportion. Yes, I'm still upset regarding the banlist...but I'm starting to think it's not what people might say it's going to be.

Yes, Twilight and LS decks are going to be running rampant. However, who is to say X-Sabers won't rise to the occasion? They benefit from this format as well, and are a great deck. Vayu Turbo and BW decks will also be seeing a rise in play, and Agents are still a great choice for the format.

Sure, everyone is going to lean towards Chaos...but a deck that relies on mills is far from perfect, but if you know how to control it, then you will survive. Will the meta be all chaos? Only time will tell.

As for Anti-Meta, it's not dead...we will adapt. New methods of going against the meta will be developed.

As for Tour Guide (second time mentioned in my blog), it is NOT a needed card for this format. Yes, you gain advantage from it...but it's not the law to use it.

I still don't like this format, but I'm trying to be optimistic.

That's all I got tonight...

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  1. X-Saber don't have access to the strong Dark/Light Boss monsters that the other decks have and they require some setup!

    Sure, Gottoms is fat but a Kristya is enough to shut them down!


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