Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, as a little experiment I decided to also post another version of my blog on Tumblr. A fellow blogger asked us on the pojo forums about using Tumblr as a medium and while I'm unsure about the results it might bring as compared to sites like blogger, I'm happy to announce I will be experimenting with Tumblr.

What does this mean for the regular blog? No change at all. All content from the original blog will be found on the Tumblr page and vice versa.

Blogger audience, my Tumblr is found at but I won't be going anywhere. This is still the main site.

Let's see how this little experiment works out and hopefully, it will bring good results.


  1. My prediction: Failure. o.o Sorry but it's the truth.

  2. After a bit, I'm already seeing it probably wasn't the best idea...

    But it's already there, so I guess I should keep it alive while I can.

    Most unfortunate that the tumblr audience is just full of ygo fan-art and not tcg/ocg players at all...


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