Friday, August 5, 2011

TCG Rulings for Xyz Monsters: Part 2

Well, after asking around a bit I managed to get some questions answered regarding the TCG Rulings for Xyz monsters. Last post was a rant more or less, so today's post is more informative.

Here are a few ruling updates for Xyz Monsters under the TCG:

1. Xyz Materials are indeed considered on the field and cards like Sangan or Tengu have their effects activate once detached. They DO NOT activate when used for an Xyz summon.

2. The materials still get sent to the graveyard with Dimensional Fissure. They do, however, get banished if Macro Cosmos or Banisher of the Radiance is on the field.

3. The materials aren't considered monsters or recognized on the field, so they can't be targeted by effects nor do they get their field effects.

4. If the Xyz is removed from the field, the materials are simply sent to the graveyard, not destroyed.

5. Book of Moon won't make an Xyz lose their materials (strange one, huh?)

With the whole "materials are considered to be on the field" clause in effect, there are a few cards that are going to be quite useful with these rulings.

Cards that benefit from this ruling are:

-Reborn Tengu
-Gravekeeper's Recruiter
-Goblin Zombie
-XX Saber Darksoul

There are still questions with these new rulings dropping so suddenly. However, once any new updates are known, I will be posting them (how it affects Plaguespreader, for example).

As for my take on the rulings after having some time to calm down from my rage, I'm gonna feel bad for being able to search when I know I'm not supposed to. However, it's been deemed as the official ruling and there's nothing I can do about it, whether I like it or not. So if the situation came, I will apply the TCG rulings for Xyz from now on until I'm told otherwise.

Sometimes we don't like a way something is ruled, but that's part of every game. If we quit because of it, then were probably weren't enjoying this game at all. No more rage, time to make strategies and prepare!

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