Thursday, August 4, 2011

TCG Rulings for Xyz Monsters

So Kevin Tewart posts on the judge page that Xyz material monsters are indeed considered on the field.

This takes the cake. I mean, really? This turns the game into a completely different one now. The rulings are going to be a whole mess.

Not just that, if Xyz materials are considered to be on the field, would Dimensional Fissure/Macro Cosmos/Banisher of the Radiance prevent said materials from being used? Because if we go by that logic, the materials are still on the field. Would that render all Xyz monsters useless?

Can you target Xyz materials with cards like Raigeki Break or Icarus Attack, since they are considered to still be on the field?

Can Caius remove a material now?

Not just that, but Reborn Tengu and Sangan just went to a whole new category of monster. Tengu now can search when detached and Sangan gets to search when detached. Not happy about this.

And what about Plaguespreader Zombie or Bolt Hedgehog? Will the little guys be removed if brought back by their own effects and then used as Xyz materials?

I rarely complain about this game, since I tend to enjoy it as much as I can. But in my 8 years in Yugioh, I have never seen something as outrageous as this!

While most people may be happy about the positives these rulings might give for Sangan and Tengu, it raises way too many questions and will probably mess the game up due to conflicting mechanics and rulings in other scenarios.

So the bad outweighs the good.

So many questions, so little answers...

Let chaos begin!


  1. This ruling sucks!

    Some people like, some people hate it!

    Personally, I would rather take Dark Armed Dragon up my @$$ than dealing again with one of the reasons that Synchros almost ruined this game!

  2. I hope this doesn't end up ruining the game for me, because I don't want to quit. I really like this game, but that bogus ruling really got me upset. It just makes things unbalanced.

    Sure, we get an advantage. But now I'm gonna feel wrong when I search with Sangan via Xyz because I know I shouldn't. It's like the Colossal Arm OTK all over again, but blown out of proportions.

  3. Well heres the thing to make you worry a lot less... The Materials are not counted as cards for any effect or cost... Sangan activates in the grave where it recognizes itself as a card... Tengu can activate in the grave as well... Just think of the Materials as counters... Cards that cannot miss their timing work when sent to the grave... Cards that can don't.

    Also Plaguespreader and Quillbolt still work with Gantetsu like they do in OCG. This change only effects cards that have effects that activated when sent from the field to the graveyard and such.

    Dimensional Fissure does nothing to Materials because the Game Mechanic states that the Materials go to the grave no matter what happens as they don't count as Spells or Traps or Monsters while they are a Material and they occupy no zones just treat them like counters and some of the individual counters actually do something when detatched. (Think of it like an Xyz summon causing a reset on most conditions on the Material Monsters (Spore still can only be used once like Glow-up.)

    The ruling isn't bogus and it's also still under review but until a true final decision is reached TCG is sticking with Kevin's decision.


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